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The Trustees of the Aotearoa Trust have resolved to pay a Kaumātua Grant of $200 to Beneficial Owners who are over the age of 65. This payment is to assist the wellbeing of Kaumātua and will be scheduled to be paid in July each year

The approval of a Kaumātua Grant is subject to the following criteria

being met:

 • The eligibility for a Kaumātua Grant is set at 65 years of age or older.

 • The applicants for the Kaumātua Grant must be a shareholder of Aotearoa Trust Wharepuhunga 16B8.

 • The payment of a Kaumātua Grant must be made directly into the bank account of the registered shareholder.

 • Shareholders who live outside of New Zealand are eligible for the Kaumātua Grant, but they must have a New Zealand bank account in the shareholders name for payment.

 • Applicants must complete and return the Kaumātua Grant Application Form and thereafter a Kaumātua Grant Annual Confirmation Form.

Application forms for the Kaumātua Grant will be sent out with annual dividend letters to all Kaumātua on the database who are or will be aged 65 or older as at 31 December of that year.

Download the Kaumatua grant

application form



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